2024 Class Schedule

Class Description

All classes are theme based and set to music. All classes are 1 hour. The approach is functional yoga. Aesthetic performance is secondary to safety and benefit. Vinyasa is designed for students with some experience. If you are brand new to yoga, consider a private session to learn your foundation. Your body and practice is beautifully unique. It’s your path. Enjoy your practice. During warm months, your outdoor experience includes cool scent infused towels, fans, and of course shade from the trees. 

Indoor or Outdoor Vinyasa Flow :  Tuesday Evening 5:30 and 7:00PM, Wednesday and Friday  morning 9:00AM, Thursday 5:00PM and Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM.    5 people limit for indoor vinyasa. Outside can accommodate 10. If you see a waitlist button, and the weather is good, click the button. You will likely be added.

This tradition is a series of sequenced poses and stretches set to music and much like the sensation of dance. As you move with your breath, you will flow from warm up to a crescendo and settle into deep stretching and rest. 

Early Morning Outdoor Vinyasa: Saturday and Sunday morning 8:30-9:30AM

Are you an early bird? Prefer cooler temperatures? This is your vinyasa class. Same traditional vinyasa flow. Cold months will certainly always have this class indoors. 5 max.

Indoor Yin : Monday evening 7:00-8:00PM 

Based on Master teachers Bernie Clark (my teacher) and Paul Grilley this practice targets your joints and connective tissue (fascia, ligaments and tendons) with minimal muscle engagement. Poses are held for time (3-5 minutes each) allowing a slow and effective expansion that improves range of motion, flexibility and relaxation. This practice is not considered a restorative practice. 

Indoor Restorative : Sunday  7:00PM

Based on the work of master teacher, Judith Lasater (my teacher), this delicious class is inactive and sequenced with no more than 4 poses. You will rest in prop-supported positions for 10-25 minutes each, depending on the format. These poses are designed to induce the resting nervous system and take you out of perpetual “fight or flight”.  The final pose is savasana or a guided yoga nidra. This class is ideal for meditation, recovery, deep relaxation and mind body connection. MINIMUM 2 PEOPLE.


Indoor Vinyasa / Yin:  Wednesday 10:30AM 

50/50 vinyasa and yin. A good option for those who want a gentler approach to yoga. This could potentially be held outside with class approval and good weather.

 Indoor Yin / Rest: Thursday evening 7:00PM

A blend of 30 minutes yin and 30 minutes of 1-2 restorative poses.

Nancy Kraut, E-RYT500/YACEP 

Experienced and certified by Yoga Alliance, Nancy teaches Vinyasa and Hatha style traditions, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and meditation. Nancy completed the “Rest and Renew®” Restorative Yoga certification with Judith Hanson Lasater and Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, B.C. Nancy has studied with Judith on numerous occasions including Back Care and intensive anatomy training. Both Judith Hanson Lasater and Bernie Clark approach yoga and anatomy with the most current industry knowledge to share functional, effective physical yoga for each unique body. Nancy continues to follow these Master Teachers and carries their approach into her classes.  Nancy literally lives her yoga at home where she shares the practice and philosophy of the path.  Interwoven into her yogic lifestyle is creative expression in the form of art glass, painting, poetry writing, bookbinding and gardening. Her additional passion is nature and wildlife. A Master Naturalist, Nancy keeps ring neck doves in her backyard aviary. Nancys Yoga home is registered and certified to teach continuing education through Yoga Alliance.

Nancy gratefully honors her Master Teachers:

Judith Hanson Lasater, San Francisco, CA

Bernie Clark, Vancouver, B.C.