What do you mean OUTDOOR yoga?

Outdoor classes are held on a large patio under the shade of trees. Typically these are morning vinyasa classes but we have practiced other formats on exceptionally beautiful days. Awareness and relaxation is enhanced outside. During warm weather, outdoor yoga is naturally “heated” yoga! Heat has many health benefits as long as you are hydrated.

When do we go indoors?

Some classes are better suited inside such as yin and restorative yoga. During cold, extreme heat and rainy months most classes will be indoors. Typically temperatures below 58 degrees go inside.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

If you want. I do have Manduka professional mats that you can use but investing in your own can make a difference in your practice. I recommend and I am a retailer for Manduka™ .

What else do I bring to class?

A towel for your mat (if desired) and a water bottle are often needed.

What do I wear?

Typically a pair of yoga pants or fitted shorts and a lightweight top will keep you comfortable. Ladies, a sports bra is ideal. You want clothes that don’t distract or move while you are concentrating on your practice

Do I need to sign up in advance of class?

Yes, please. KARMASOFT™ which is linked to the SCHEDULE tab allows you to choose your class and pay on line. For the security of students, I am not accepting unannounced “drop ins.”

What if I’m running late to class?

Please text me 972-795-1317 if you are running late.

For the benefit and security of students, I will be locking the front door when class starts. Please try to arrive early enough to get settled. Typically 10 minutes early allows a stress free entry to your practice.

Where do I park?

Park in the front of the house for indoor classes. For outdoor classes you can park in front and use the side walkway to access the backyard gate for classes or you can park in the driveway in back. Driveway access is from the alley. Alley access is on Morning Glory, on the left, after the corner house. 3-4 cars will fit in the driveway.

What about children?

Classes and space are designed for teens and adults 13 years and older. Some classes include adult beverages. Please contact me when in question. We want our teens in a safe and appropriate environment.

What if I am brand new to yoga?

Yin and Restorative style yoga requires no previous experience. Vinyasa is a tradition with unusual words, specific alignment and unconventional movement. If you have no experience with vinyasa, I highly recommend scheduling a private or semi private class that teaches you the foundation of the practice.

You have a pool and spa?

Yes, I do and you are welcome to use it during designated times or with my permission. Water is a wonderful way to relax after a warm yoga practice and it enhances your connection with the water element that is calming.

It is important for you to know that you SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Can you explain yoga etiquette?

No shoes are allowed in the indoor space. Once you are on the patio, take your shoes off. You do not want shoes or socks on your mat. Phones are turned off or silent. The final pose known as “savasana” is the most important pose of practice and allows you to embody the meaning of the word yoga;  union of body, mind and spirit.