Private events and classes have evolved organically over these past 5 years. I am thrilled to offer this service to people I know, who practice here, or referenced people. Most events are limited to 8 people or fewer. Below are ideas for you to explore. Together we can create anything new!


You have indoor and outdoor options.

  • An outdoor yoga patio with firepit that accommodates 8 comfortably.
  • An indoor yoga studio that comfortably fits 5-8 depending on format.
  • The outdoor yoga patio can transform to seating and dining for 6-8.
  • The upper patio offers intimate dining for 2-4 and covered seating.
  • Sometimes the pool is available.
  • The art room accommodates 6 people.
  • Inside there is dining space for 6 and casual social spaces.

What kind of events?

  • Indoor or Outdoor yoga for your private group. Option to enhance with food and beverage and even an art activity. As simple as tea. As complete as dinner.
  • Private art class. Let’s choose an art activity and make it a party!
  • Cooking classes. This could be a seasonally inspired menu lesson, or a single dish creation. If this interests you, reach out to me. I have many past classes and ideas. Food preparation and appreciation is mindful. Limit 4 people.
  • Yoga learning for Continued Education Units. I am certified by Yoga Alliance for your CEU’s. Choose a topic, you will learn and go as deep as you like.
  • Don’t care about the CEU’s? How about a workshop on a topic to explore in depth: Ayurveda, Chakras, Doshas, Yoga Sutras, 8 Limbs… you get the idea?
  • Speaking of workshops, how about a physical pose breakdown workshop? Such as an arm balance workshop?
  • I have also hosted children with adults but this is very limited. Children must be in the care of an adult other than me. We have done art projects, swimming, nature and bug exploration and simple cooking.


The cost is quoted based on the event and headcount. Private physical yoga is $50 for the first 4 people plus $10 each additional person.

House Rules for Private Events

Oh yes, I do have these…

  • Activities are in designated spaces. No wandering the house.
  • The event ends at the agreed time or before if you prefer.
    I make many exceptions but please ask.
  • I appreciate tidiness. Example: bathroom cloth hand towels go in the towel hamper.
    Another example: If you spill, please let me know so I can clean up before it stains.
  • No doggie bags or take-home food unless offered.
  • No substitutions or additions once the event begins.
  • Private events are BYOB only unless we agree otherwise.