Seasonal Celebrations

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Our year is divided into four seasons and these seasonal transitions have been honored and celebrated for tens of thousands of years. These seasonal marks have inspired and influenced many or all of our holidays and traditions. Yoga brings to light the idea that if we move with the way of nature, we find health and wholeness with ease. This is the philosophy of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda. Below are the 4 celebrations and associated lifestyles. Each event includes yoga, cocktail or wine, a seasonal activity, dinner and dessert Ayurvedically balanced for the season. Recipes are available. All events $35.00 per person.

Winter Solstice Celebration

The winter season is a time to let go, slow down and rest with ease and self-care. Your seeds of inspiration are being planted. Warm and nourishing food and drink and citrus are appropriate. After the holidays pass we are done with the sweets.

Spring Equinox Celebration

Spring brings us excitement and renewal. The inspired seeds that move toward manifest begin to sprout and your intentions for the year become clear. Activity increases and diet lightens to shed winter insulation. Spring greens and detoxifiers are key.

Summer Solstice Celebration

Summer is energetic and powerful. Your intention is in full gear and motivation/activity is high. Diet is rich with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here in Texas, this season is long. Typically May through September.


Fall Equinox Celebration

Autumn brings us the harvest. We reflect on our hard work and reap what we sow. As days darken and temperatures cool, the body asks for richer sweeter foods to prepare for winter season. This is a time of joy and celebration with friends, family and tradition.